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Prague Archery


Want to try an activity where you need a sharp eye and a steady arm? So why not to try our Prague Archery? Our skilled Prague Archery instructors and professional archers as well will give you a short training lesson and show you how to use all the archery equipment. Then you will have the chance to show your mates how to use a bow and an arrow and if you are really Robin Hood’s great grandson!

Prague Archery is all year round activity – outdoor in summer and indoor in winter season.

Prague Archery site is conveniently located on one of the river islands right in the center of the city.

How long does it take?

2 hours

What`s included?

Archery shooting (each person 40 min.)
Equipment + arm protection
Round of beers

What's the minimum number?

Groups of min. 10 persons can book.

Price per person: 60 €


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Prague Archery

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