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Prague Hovercraft


Prague Hovercraft is a unique stag do adrenaline activity. Have you ever wondered what kind of moving air-cushion vehicle use people over Florida swamps full of aligators? Now is your chance to find out! So do not hesitate and try our Prague Hovercraft racing – our craft is capable of travelling over land, sand, water, mud or ice. You will float a slip 20 cm above the ground and hear the roar of the engine from your back.

Snow is no problem for the hovercraft so our Prague Hovercraft race is available all year long! The transportation from the centre of Prague takes approx. 45 minutes. When flying Prague Hovercraft you will have a feeling like riding a heavy bull that you are supposed to break. Do not expect Hovercraft will understand your orders so easy, but after a short training and few instructions from our skilled Prague Hovercraft instructor you will be able to drive the hovercraft succesfully. Hovercraft has no wheels, no steering and no brakes. So get ready, lean forward and go! Full gas all the time :-)!

How long does it take?

3 hours

What`s included?

- Hotel pick up and drop of
- Private transportation
- Guide
- Hovercraft experience

What's the minimum number?

Groups of min. 6 persons can book.

Price per person: 79 €

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Prague Hovercraft

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