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Prague Indoor Skydiving

indoor skydiving

Prague Skydive arena is the first wind tunnel - free fall simulator in Central and Eastern Europe. This is a new form of adrenaline entertainment, so-called indoor skydiving which is intended for the general public and professional skydivers for their training. Skydive arena is the only tunnel in the world with a circular glass flight chamber, which is 14 meters height. In this chamber with a diameter of 4.3 m the air flows from a speed of 160 - 300 km/h and thus creates identical conditions as in free fall. Everyone here can experience what it's like to fly at a safe altitude under constant supervision of experienced instructors. Flying in a wind tunnel is designed for all people from 5 years of age.

Every client who comes to us to fly, first passes through a short briefing, where they learn the basic principles of tunnel flying (basic body position, signals for communication with the instructor during the flight). Then gets lent protective equipment—tunnel suit, googles and helmet. The clients are always in the flight chamber with an instructor who helps them and teaches them how to control their body in a stream of air. After flying, the client can look at the recording of the flight and perform the analysis with an instructor. As the memory of this extraordinary experience you can take away the DVD.

What`s included?

- hotel pick up and drop of
- guide
- private transportation
- instructions
- protective suit, googles, helmet
- skydiving (3 minutes/person)
- dvd

What's the minimum number?

Groups of min. 7 persons can book.

Price per person: 110 €


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Prague Indoor Skydiving

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